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The Game Commission developed a new display, which has been posted at the Elk Country Visitor's Center to educate the public about the fact that feeding elk is illegal and explain the effects that feeding has on habituating elk.
After an initial habituating experience, subsequent habituation experiences are known to occur more rapidly, with fewer stimulus presentations being required (Groves and Thompson, 1970; Thompson & Spencer, 1966).
The New York-born Bartos moved to Ocean Park in 1978 and began taking pictures as a way of habituating himself to his new environs.
By habituating ourselves to the knowledge that we too, local communities too, grass-roots activist movements too, are all shot through with lived equivocations concerning the very forms of power we decry, we can learn to see movement and fluctuation, intensifications and displacements of power where before we saw only sedentary and external uniformities.
Cheap tricks and gimmicks were not only eroding our brand positions, but habituating a customer base that only shopped on sale," noted Mr.