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I've been shooting plain black-on-black, post-in-notch sights for more than 50 years, and habituation may certainly have something to do with it.
Allowing that the origins of his "self-conquest" and "self-indulgent" opium consumption may appear suspicious, De Quincey nevertheless presents his opium-eating as perfectly in balance with itself: the "sensuality," "fascinating enthrallment," and "positive pleasure" of opium are offset by the "religious zeal" and the heroism of "untwist[ing], almost to its final links, the accursed chain" of habituation.
It is widely accepted that habituation represents a basic form of learning.
Many researchers have used the presentation of a second "distracting taste" to examine its influence on the habituation of neophobia to a flavored target solution (e.
While habituation and operant conditioning have taught us a great deal about the pace of visual development in children, the techniques are clearly laborious and do not lend themselves to clinical evaluation.
Habituation occurred for all of these components with the exception of blinking (Wilkens et al.
The behaviour of a child only differed significantly between the two groups (parent present vs parent absent) in the habituation session according to the dentist (p=0.
It also requires habituation, which consists of starting with a stimulus known to increase the anxiety at a very low, even subliminal, level, then rewarding the dog for not responding while ensuring nothing negative happens to the dog during the process.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the (--)-linalool effects on acquisition of short- and long-term memories through the objects recognition task, inhibitory avoidance test and habituation to a novel environment.
Some habituation can occur as evidenced when the camera was fired consecutively 4 times: the fly did not react to the fourth flash and hence the fly remained in a resting position (Fig.
It makes sense to add habituation, neuropathic triggers, and laryngopharyngeal reflux to the list of factors to assess when tracing the origins of a cough that has persisted for longer than 8 weeks, advised a pulmonary specialist.
It's likely that what we're seeing here is simply habituation.