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In order to explore the possible effects of contextual habituation on the temporal specificity of latent inhibition of CTA, two different periods of temporal-contextual habituation were compared.
Three hypotheses: (i) The non-rational but not altogether irrational part of the soul of someone who has undergone habituation is now capable of activating movement in the non-rational but not altogether irrational part of the soul of someone who is to undergo habituation.
The testing session was held 48 to 96 hrs after the habituation session.
Habituation of the nociceptive blink reflex in episodic and chronic cluster headache.
In a study by Roa et al, treatment of BPPV by Epley's manoeuvre was compared with vestibular habituation training.
We observed similar habituation to consecutive broadcasted calls separated by one or two weeks.
deliberation) is not about goals but only about things toward the goals; our phantasiai of the good are set by the character-building processes of habituation, and only those habituated into rational activity can understand reasons and act accordingly.
The SSR habituation was considered as the percent rate of the maximal amplitude change between the fifth and the first response.
Leopardi's views of pleasure, habituation, nature and other key concepts were developed in the context of the Enlightenment and Romanticism, as we are often reminded by Leopardi scholars.
But a crucial difference is that our practical perception can be largely re-shaped through habituation; so we find pleasure or pain in the things that we get used to finding pleasure or pain in.
Researchers have identified two main tendencies: the negativity bias and habituation. The negativity bias is our mind's innate tendency to give more weight to the negative.
"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.