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So then, his armour being furbished, his morion turned into a helmet, his hack christened, and he himself confirmed, he came to the conclusion that nothing more was needed now but to look out for a lady to be in love with; for a knight-errant without love was like a tree without leaves or fruit, or a body without a soul.
Then they fought furiously in close combat about the body of Alcathous, wielding their long spears; and the bronze armour about their bodies rang fearfully as they took aim at one another in the press of the fight, while the two heroes Aeneas and Idomeneus, peers of Mars, outvied everyone in their desire to hack at each other with sword and spear.
And while you sat in your hack, watching the play, as you call it, the other man marched in and bagged your sixty thousand dollars?
You ought to have bought up that hack," said Tristram; "it isn't a safe vehicle to have about.
And with fury, as it were with passion, the murderer falls on the body, and drags it and hacks at it; so he covered her face and shoulders with kisses.
There was a regular supply of inexpensive fiction written to order by poor hacks for the consumption of the illiterate.
Then I got two more hacks on the head and decided that I was dead.
Many young gentlemen canter up on thoroughbred hacks, spatter-dashed to the knee, and enter the house to drink cherry-brandy and pay their respects to the ladies, or, more modest and sportsmanlike, divest themselves of their mud-boots, exchange their hacks for their hunters, and warm their blood by a preliminary gallop round the lawn.
Fish & Wildlife Service and Central Vermont Public Service will raise and release six to 10 chicks annually from special hack boxes at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison.
Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who was convicted of phone hacking in 2007, also pleaded guilty earlier this year to three new counts of conspiring to hack phones.
AoFor this reason, we believe that the hack was intentional as it focused on certain articles and news that have certain characteristics; what had happened to our website is unprecedented; and if our doubts are justified, then the state has used its powers to monitor us and get our passwords which is considered a violation against our rights and a very negative use of authority powers.
1 -- 2) These photos show missing Tujunga children Elaine Hack, 8, and Ameer Hack, 4, above, with their baby sitter, Bertha Galvan, 63, left.