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As so, as the speaker in the Forum on Cybersecurity in Taguig, Marc Goodman, pointed out, every single counting machine today is hackable.
4 million vehicles that may have been affected by hackable software vulnerability in the Chrysler Uconnect dashboard computers.
While science fiction books and films may offer countless examples of robots taking over the world with omniscient, omnipotent effectiveness, one still tends to worry more about those super-klutz mistakes, the hackable obedience to childish pranks, the vulnerability of too much power reaching devices with no common sense.
The Clipper Chip deservedly died after it became clear that the requirement was unworkable and the chip was hackable.
Kung 'yun lang na-hack, kung saan presinto mo (na-leak), pinapalabas lang na ito'y hackable.
For those concerned about anyone hacking a chip connected to their brain, don't forget, Graafstra says, our body and brain are already extremely hackable.
These pervasive, connected systems may well have poor security and be easily hackable.
Those vague promises that hackable passwords will one day be replaced with much more secure alternatives to protect our digital life are finally coming true.
Andy Greenberg, Researcher Says He's Found Hackable Flaws in Airplanes' Navigation Systems (Update: The FAA Disagrees), Forbes (Apr.
5 inch touch screen in order to update the software to fix any potentially hackable vulnerabilities.
And lest we forget, the Internet is hackable, and computer glitches have on occasion shut down airlines and airports.
This wide range of intentions and purposes can lead to a chaotic network environment where easily hackable devices may share signals resulting in security breaches.