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Dan lifted them tenderly and unrolled in the light of the candles the record of the Mavericks - tattered, worn, and hacked.
Round this the Trojans and Achaeans hacked at the bucklers about one another's breasts, hewing each other's round shields and light hide-covered targets.
This sight reanimated me; and seizing my own knife, I hacked and hewed away without mercy.
A freshgathered cow's tail lay on the floor, and by its side two pieces of black velvet-my black velvet-rudely hacked into the semblance of masks.
It had been hacked or torn right out from the roots.
Muscari set the lady lightly on her feet, made her an absurdly theatrical bow, and then, drawing his cutlass, hacked hard at the taut reins of the horses, so that they scrambled to their feet and stood in the grass trembling.
We stood before a grating and looked through into a room which was hung all about with the clothing of dead men; coarse blouses, water- soaked; the delicate garments of women and children; patrician vestments, hacked and stabbed and stained with red; a hat that was crushed and bloody.
Then Tarzan came down from his sanctuary and as the wounded lions, growling, dragged themselves away, the ape-man cut his spear from the body of Buto, hacked off a steak and vanished into the jungle.
Though chopped and hacked, and with a bullethole between its eyes, it still persisted madly in its attempt to get inside the tower and devour Olson, though its body was many times the diameter of the hatch; nor did it cease its efforts until after Olson had succeeded in decapitating it.
Upon his face hovered a faint, cold smile of haughty pride as the sword arm, displaying its mighty strength and skill in every move, played with the sweating, puffing, steel-clad enemy who hacked and hewed so futilely before him.
Also, he had a cough, and he gasped and hacked and spluttered prodigiously.
The niggers held him up by sheer strength while he was hacked a couple of times more.