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But topping the list in the terms of sheer political partisanship and liberal hackery," Ms.
slackers, and boring derivative hackery, it's not clear how to
And, says Claire Sellick, Event Director for the key IT security event - which is on the 24th - 26th April 2012 - 'The sheer scale of the potential hackery that Facebook undergoes every 24 hours means that smaller companies are also likely to be hit by multiple attacks in the same time period.
On the staff at Melody Maker at 16 and a columnist for the Times for 18 years, the strength she has gained from a life in hackery is obvious.
The delegation also examined any possible hackery to computer system.
The Health Care for America Now campaign, which has saved health-care reform legislation from death by political hackery time and time again (by, for example, turning out more people to the infamous August town halls than the Tea Partiers did, media mythology notwithstanding), has ratcheted up the intensity of its fight with the insurance industry, deployed a much broader range of tactics, and started to have more fun while dosing in on victory.
VERDICT: Hart gets to the heart of the matter of Hollywood hackery (Random House, pounds 19.
But State Of Play's portrayal of the fine art of hackery gets it just right which, welded to a cracking storyline, makes for a first-rate movie.
On October 15, 2004, when he went on CNN's Crossfire--a then-popular target of The Daily Show because of its screaming matches between pundits--Stewart begged hosts Paul Begala, a former Clinton advisor, and Tucker Carlson, the young bow-tied conservative journalist, to "stop hurting America" with their "partisan hackery.
I wonder if the quality of the information in our society has anything to do with hackery like yours infesting the airwaves and drowning out reasonable discussion.
Bad journalism is responsible for exaggerating this stand-off - and not necessarily Fox-style hackery with an agenda.