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Most other common materials (solid hair and hackle fibers) don't offer much buoyancy and are better suited to flatter, calmer waters.
With John Naughton and Lee Hughes, Bob Compton and John Hunter, Chris Robinson and Peter Buglass and Ray Stobbs and Chris Reay all drawing their matches, the final score was 9-8 to the Red Hackle.
The Defence Logistics Organisation are testing new prototype hackles and it is hoped a non-leaching dye can be found to make the hackles.
Alain Tame then drew with Colin Gillespie but wins for Ray Nichol, Chris Reay, Peter Buglass, Dennis Archbold and Gary Dunn gave the Red Hackle Lads a 13-4 verdict.
That in our case means the red hackle which is a cherished icon - a visible symbol recognised throughout the world and respected not just by the regiment but by the whole Army.
However, thanks to wins by Colin Gillespie (180), Peter Buglass and Ray Nichol, Red Hackle prevailed 11-6.
Jonathan Hunter then won for the Hackle, as did team-mates Gary Dunn and Dennis Archbold.
Dave Stephenson won for the Snooker Club as did Peter Buglass for the Hackle.
In the singles they were wins by John Hunter for the Red Hackle and Chris Robinson, Bob Urwin and Derek Boak for the Westoe.
That meant they finished the season on 407 points - ahead of Snooker Club on 398 and thirdplaced Red Hackle on 315.
Westoe Bar A played the Red Hackle and it was the Hackle lads who were 4-1 ahead after the triples and the pairs.
The Red Hackle took a 4-1 lead into the singles against Hebburn Colliery.