hackneyed expression

See: platitude
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There are, to use that hackneyed expression, many Indias.
New Hampshire has a revenue problem and, to use a hackneyed expression, "moving the deck chairs around on the deck of the Titanic" in terms of revenue is no way to solve it.
To use a hackneyed expression, they have been scared straight.
IF EVER there was an occasion for the hackneyed expression "it was a game of two halves," then surely it was Huddersfield Rugby Union Club's 34-13 victory against Wilmslow at Waterloo.
He described subsidiarity as 'a hackneyed expression often used to refuse change'.
Any absurd policy by a public body is condemned by use of this hackneyed expression, on an almost daily basis.
And this month--well, this month is, to paraphrase a hackneyed expression, the first month of the rest of our lives.
This is a revealing work about government for which the hackneyed expression, "Easier said than done" would be an appropriate subtitle.
Both print and broadcast journalists face the problem of cliched or hackneyed expression, but the problem is most acute for those who speak rather than write.