hackneyed phrase

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I suppose," Wingrave answered, "that it depends upon the point of view, to use a hackneyed phrase.
Vas Kor," he repeated aloud, "blessed be your ancestors for this meeting," nor did the Dusarian guess the wealth of meaning that lay beneath that hackneyed phrase with which a Barsoomian acknowledges an introduction.
He seemed to express himself with difficulty, as though words were not the medium with which his mind worked; and you had to guess the intentions of his soul by hackneyed phrases, slang, and vague, unfinished gestures.
the hackneyed phrases expressed precisely the curious sensation), he felt happy and anxious and expectant.
I resolved, when I began to write this book, that I would be strictly truthful in all things; and so I will be, even if I have to employ hackneyed phrases for the purpose.
I know it's a bit of a hackneyed phrase, but I am really very proud to become mayor.
Unlocking their potential" is a hackneyed phrase, but it is true.
it was a clean sweep of every hackneyed phrase no one wants to hear again.
If the show featured the middle classes you could describe them as "cold and aloof" or, heaven forbid someone with blue blood got onto our screens, you'd end up with some hackneyed phrase like "forthright and outspoken" which basically means barking orders at people and then swearing at a confused woman called Tilly or someone else wearing a pearl necklace and Hunter wellies.
It's a hackneyed phrase now, and those Spider-Man films certainly have a lot to answer for, but given the prime minister and the president's well-publicised piety, it is perhaps something they can think about together the next time they meet for movie night.
How many times is the hackneyed phrase 'does my bum look big in this?
LOVE knows no boundaries could be a hackneyed phrase for many people, but it means a lot to a Bangladeshi woman married to an Indian and living in an adopted country.