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Robinson will first try to gently tug the filler out before using a hacksaw.
When the hacksaw was brought in it must have been even worse for him.
A spokesman said: "We advised Mrs Minister to use a hacksaw to remove the steering lock as this would have caused the least amount of damage to the car while still being able to move it.
Paramedics were summoned, and they finally used a hacksaw to remove the animal's head and release its grip, Robinson said.
A THIEF survived when he cut into an 11,000-volt electricity cable with a hacksaw.
Hand tools, including file, drill bits, saws, tweezers and hacksaw
Firefighters tried a hacksaw, but the blades broke.
Police officers needed a hacksaw to free Douglas Pickering when he returned to plague hairdresser Louise Durie.
Tenders are invited for Shaping, Slotting, Power Hacksaw
Tenders are invited for Supply of hacksaw blade, drill bit,grinding stone, gas cutting nozzle etc