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TO HAVE. These words are used in deeds for the conveyance of land, in that clause which usually declared for what estate the land is granted. The same as Habendum. (q.v.) Vide Habendum; Tenendum.

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A kind of terror he had never known before took possession of David.
The convic- tion that something strange and terrible had hap- pened, that by some miracle a new and dangerous person had come into the body of the kindly old man, took possession of him.
Study participants were 108 employees of school districts in the project's service area, who had attended an IVC workshop in the past year.
I wish someone had told me back then that one day this wouldn't be the largest fact of my life.
early intercourse among girls were high for those who, at ages 12 or 13, had reached puberty or were not overweight.
According to Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, the gonorrhea rate in 2002 for black men, ages 15 to 19, was 45 times higher than that of white men; black women of the same age had a rate 17 times that of white women.
Among men, being in a younger age group (18-29), never being married, having an established source of routine primary care, having ever donated blood, having had an HIV test, and having previously received a pneumococcal vaccine were significant determinants for getting at least one dose of the hepatitis B vaccine.
This is something lesbian parents must deal with occasionally, but I had no easy answers for him short of reassuring him that I would never prevent our kid from seeing his other dad.
Some trusting and perhaps naive people have already had their brains or entire bodies frozen in the expectation of just such technology.
The Hills already had a young son who was mentally retarded.
As can be seen from the results, with respect to an as-drawn microstructure, the samples A and B formed by an ordinary spin drawing process had a large crystallite size and long period, whereas the sample C formed by a POY type spin-drawing process had a small crystallite size and long period.
Respondents were eligible for inclusion in the analytic sample if they were unmarried at the time of the second interview, had had sex between survey waves.