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Research published by the Haereticus Environmental Lab has shown the UV chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate can cause skeletal deformities and death to coral larvae, damage DNA, reduce coral's ability to reproduce, and cause coral to bleach at certain concentrations.
"This is the first real chance that local reefs have to recover," scientist Craig Downs, executive director of the nonprofit Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, whose research indicates that 14,000 pounds of sunscreen end up in the world's coral reefs annually, told the Associated Press.
Asi en octubre del ano 313, meses despues del Edicto, una ley introducia la dicotomia entre catholicus y haereticus en el lenguaje juridico.
Downs, the executive director at (http://www.haereticus-lab.org/) Haereticus Environmental Laboratory , told International Business Times oxybenzone causes DNA damage in corals and leads to developmental deformities in juvenile corals.
(27) "quia licet iudicetur ab Ecclesia, vt haereticus, propter facta extrinseca, visa & probata, non tamen sequitur, quod semper sit haereticus ex natura rei, sed iuris praesumptione sic reputatur.
HAERETICUS), no puede explicarse si no es por medio del occitano eretge, pues "la gran extension de las herejias de Cataros y Albigenses en tierras occitanas durante el siglo xii explica el prestamo castellano" (37).
& adj.) and Old French heretique & haereticus. ibid.
Researchers from London's Haereticus Environmental Laboratory are collecting and freezing as many coral species as possible to preserve them in perpetuity.
In qua civitate nullus haereticus potest vivere, nullus Iudaeus, nullus idolorum cultor.
(25) It begins with a statement on the nature of the Trinity, followed by a rebuttal to the "heretic's" assertion that if God is one, then all three persons were made incarnate ("Sed dicit mihi haereticus: Ergo si unum sunt, omnes sunt incarnati").
The modern German translation is literal and accurate, and its range of vocabulary closely matches the Latin, although Ketzer, used extensively for haereticus, also translates sectarius at line 870.
(34) Note Robert Bellarmine's well-known definition of the church: "The Church is the assembly of the faithful which is held together by the profession of the Christian faith, and by the fellowship of the same sacraments, and stands under the leadership of the rightful shepherds, especially the vicar of Christ on earth, the bishop of Rome" (Dtsputationis de controversiis christianae fidei adversus huius temporis haereticus; cited in Ratzinger, Das neue Volk Gottes, p.