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Perhaps I could be a mean player in this haggling business.
People in London are the most likely to wade in and have a go when it comes to haggling, the research suggests - three-quarters (75%) say they actively haggle in the UK.
Shoppers in the market for other large items such as kitchens, windows and even furniture could be surprised at how much money they could save themselves by haggling.
In previous years, haggling was very common in the markets of the Kurdistan Region, but today's merchants prefer to stick to set prices.
It is estimated that haggling can bring the cost of a new car down by about pounds 1,468 on average, meaning that the 195,000 "no-hagglers" are paying a total of pounds 286 million more than they might.
SHAUN WRIGHT-PHILLIPS and Carlton Cole are in limbo over their Valentine's Day plans - because they're haggling over the price of tickets to this year's Brit Awards.
At his auto dealership in Powell, Tennessee, Greg "Lumpy" Lambert had alarm bells ringing in his head on November 11 after a 19-year-old customer test drove a 2005 Ford Focus and then offered to buy the car for cash" without any haggling or even a mechanical inspection," reported the Knoxville News Sentinel.
GJ Westerton raises some interesting issues in his letter about haggling and tipping (Mailbag, February 2005).
There's always some high-pressure salesperson hounding you around the place, always haggling for a deal.
However, only 44 per cent of people buying a car admit to haggling with any real vigour.