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But we really shouldn't be so timid because by indulging in a bit of good-old fashioned haggling you could save yourself some serious money.
MUAO's haggling technology can be modified to operate in other venues such as business-to-business, person-to person or as an Internet complement to brick and mortar outlets.
But, despite enthusiasm for haggling on holiday, only 18 per cent claim they regularly barter for things in the UK.
Haggling is traditional in many countries, but the Christian charity - which is promoting "ethical tourism" and has issued a "Don't forget your ethics" guide for Britons abroad - warned that tourists could be too successful in driving a hard bargain.
Percent Respondents I can get a fair price without haggling 73% 563 I can negotiate a lower price with a little effort 27% 208
Auto-By-Tel is designed to take the haggling and hassles out of new-car buying.
HAGGLING can get you a discount in most high street stores, a study claims today.
But haggling is still an alien concept to many of us.
HOLIDAYING Britons find haggling too much of a hassle when shopping abroad,according to a survey.
Chester banters and jokes with customers to ease the tension that normally exists in a face-to-face haggling situation.
By offering steep discounts and a flexible new price-setting policy, including special offers to companies that commit themselves to using the canal for large volumes of cargo, Fadal set in motion an approach that has turned the once-sleepy headquarters in Ismailia into a setting for haggling.