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In fact, 4 in 5 (79 per cent) Brits think our continental counterparts are far better at haggling and even those who attempt to haggle here in the UK, over a third (38 per cent) admit they are not confident in their own ability.
More than half (56%) of us will have a go at haggling - according to a survey by - and 79% of hagglers say they'll have a go to try and get the best possible price, compared with 62% when similar research was carried out in 2018.
"While seeing consumers be bolder and more fearless with their haggling attempts is great, our report shows only 56% are actively putting their skills to use," says Adam Bullock, UK director of "Shoppers need to be brave and try their luck with haggling - the worst that could happen is a retailer says no."
Consumers reckon they're saving [pounds sterling]477 on average each year by haggling (a [pounds sterling]20 increase compared with 2018's survey, and a [pounds sterling]62 rise since 2016's results).
Thrilled by my foray into haggling, I argued ferociously - in Hindi no less - and 15 minutes later, emerged victorious.
On Sunday I read your Mirror piece about haggling. Without even trying they reduced it by PS30 - and I eventually got it for PS184.
But if the customer was good at haggling, they'd bargain it down.
However, the trading website claims that this high ratio, which is 12 percent higher than that of last year, is not because people are uncomfortable haggling with dealers but because dealers are being savvy about researching rival prices online and making sure they are providing the best price in the local area.