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Miss Gryce snored at last; she was a heavy Welshwoman, and till now her habitual nasal strains had never been regarded by me in any other light than as a nuisance; to-night I hailed the first deep notes with satisfaction; I was debarrassed of interruption; my half- effaced thought instantly revived.
He hailed me to follow him, and, after marching through a wash-house, and a paved area containing a coal-shed, pump, and pigeon-cot, we at length arrived in the huge, warm, cheerful apartment where I was formerly received.
Everybody felt that the difficulty lay here -- everybody saw the difficulty conquered -- everybody echoed the manager's enthusiasm at rehearsal, which had hailed her as a born actress.
There could not well be more ink splashed about it, if it had been roofless from its first construction, and the skies had rained, snowed, hailed, and blown ink through the varying seasons of the year.
His sufferings were hailed with the greatest joy by a knot of spectators, and I felt utterly confounded.