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The Marco line of "E" Series electronic reversible pumps and other gear pumps, along with both electric and air boat horns and marine hailers, can be found at GearPumps-n-Horns.
The best way to make roads safer is for police to fit loud hailers to their cars and drive slowly through residential areas bawling: "Did you know that we all have a one-in-200 chance of dying horribly in a crash.
com, to promote the Marco line of reversible gear pumps, air and electric boat horns and hailers.
I remember as a kid helping my dad deliver leaflets, seeing all the different posters of candidates, hearing the loud hailers on cars covered in leaflets and posters.
Hand-held radios, Global Positioning Systems, night-vision scopes, distress flares, load hailers and binoculars were all stolen.
Police toured the neighbourhood with loud hailers warning families and workers at neighbouring firms to stay indoors.