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The hailstones had blocked up the drains and then froze over and so the water had nowhere to go.
Mrs Hailstone, who grew up in New Zealand, is basing her story-time sessions on a teaching method pioneered in her home country in the 1970s.
Ms Hailstone refused to comment, saying she is taking legal advice.
Hailstone says he sees a mentality of ``I better jump with both feet or I'll miss the boat'' among home buyers now.
I found out he qualifies for all aspects of the zone - hiring credits for employees and credits for equipment,'' Hailstone said.
When Hailstone made the transition from engineering to real estate about 13 years ago, he found himself in front of a 125-member audience ``stammering and stumbling.
What we are doing with buyers we are working with is to get them preapproved, get their financing all lined up so they are like a cash buyer and then go looking for a house,'' Hailstone said.
During the high-grade hailstone impact test, hailstones with a diameter of 45 millimeters strike the glass surface of JA's modules at a speed of 30.
Giammanco's paper, "Observations of Hailstone Characteristics in Multi-cell and Supercell Thunderstorms," details the data collected during hail field research studies IBHS conducted in 2012 and 2013, which show that the hardness property of hailstones can be quantified through in-situ measurements.
PICTURE: Najeer Ferokhe 4) Pellets of ice lying on the ground after a hailstone shower along with rains yesterday.
Forecaster Emma Sharples said: "A hailstone begins as a frozen raindrop or ice crystal.
BIG MOMENT: The bride enters the church, above HERE COME THE LADS: The groom is pictured left with best man Andrew Hailstone.