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They have got plenty of amunition - the presenter has been known for his hairbrained schemes since he secured his prime-time slot on the station five years ago, pulling in six million listeners a week.
Lurching from one disastrous re-lationshito another, the hairbrained hairdresser is nearly always in the family way.
In the end, their hairbrained scheme of moving the Scottish Cup Final to the Wednesday after it's scheduled May 24 date - or to Saturday May 31 - was totally disrespectful to the other finalists, Queen of the South.
It is essential, therefore, that such status is not allowed to become an excuse to pursue expensive, hairbrained schemes.
Extensive research into solutions to our situation kept bringing us back to what we had originally regarded as a hairbrained idea.
That laughter, which would soon drown out--for cherished moments--the sounds of war as it spread across Europe, would come from "simple hairbrained foolishness, reluctant heroism, and even blatant cowardice set against a climate of high seriousness.
The 21-year-old student decided on the hairbrained idea after her aunt Clare Vickers, was taken seriously ill.
An underwhelming 253 all out later, and with the second new ball swinging prodigiously, it did not look such a hairbrained idea.
John Attwood, Latham's defence lawyer, said: "It was a hairbrained scheme cooked up within the confines of a public house.
And, as bizarre as it sounds, the scheme is anything but hairbrained.
She and her best pal come up with a hairbrained scheme they hope will help - but the introduction of a sexy French student to the family home turns everyone's lives upside down.