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But then, after 90 minutes which included some hairbrained short-pitched bowling from England's Jimmy Anderson, the visitors finally delivered a yorker.
If that doesn''t sound hairbrained enough, throw in a half-naked ex-Brookside actress, a stolen gun and a policeman in a washing machine.
Lurching from one disastrous re-lationshito another, the hairbrained hairdresser is nearly always in the family way.
Then, I had the hairbrained idea of "foaming" the fires.
In the end, their hairbrained scheme of moving the Scottish Cup Final to the Wednesday after it's scheduled May 24 date - or to Saturday May 31 - was totally disrespectful to the other finalists, Queen of the South.
Davies demonstrates that the Rising was not some hairbrained scheme, hastily and poorly planned.
It is essential, therefore, that such status is not allowed to become an excuse to pursue expensive, hairbrained schemes.
We said yes to this idea rather than other hairbrained schemes that we were approached with because we saw the same hole in the market that Todd saw," explained Jane Levine, executive vice president of Chicago Reader Inc.
Extensive research into solutions to our situation kept bringing us back to what we had originally regarded as a hairbrained idea.
Hairbrained entries to win the 20,000 [pounds sterling] prize offered by the government to the person who could solve the longitude problem sit alongside the Nautical Almanac of 1766.
In any event, one wonders why, if James had intended the sense of scatterbrain, he did not use the Scots `cude', `cuide', or `coyd', all variants of the same word, meaning hairbrained or deranged?