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A few hairsplitters wrote in to challenge Sifton's statement that there is no mention of God in the Constitution, because it contains the phrase "in the year of our Lord.
Of course, catalogers are invariably (and often rightly) lampooned as fussbudgets and hairsplitters of the most exasperating sort, but then it is their nobly picayune craft to discern ever finer and more accurate footholds along the slippery ladder of classification.
But hairsplitters might argue that this does not represent antisemitism since it affected Christians too.
Contrary to popular perceptions in the West, Islamists--or Islamic fundamentalists, as they are known he--are not the ulama, theological hairsplitters and dialecticians.
Some fiscal hairsplitters make the case that the official number, excluding intergovernmental borrowing, is actually the better measure of Uncle Sam's impact on the private credit markets.