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But he has not owned up to the false testimony, the stonewalling and legal hairsplitting, and obstructing the courts from finding the truth.
The term can also mean the play of ideas, cunning or hairsplitting disputation, or argumentative skill.
In short, these masa il look like an exercise in far-fetched hairsplitting, apparently a recognized, as well as respected, pursuit.
A few writers recognized that perhaps this was not an epic struggle worthy of Joe Our leadership has abdicated its responsibility"' said David Milch, former executive producer of "Hill Street Blues," when asked during the strike's fourth month about such hairsplitting.
By all accounts and setting aside strict scrutiny of legal nitpicking and hairsplitting, this is full compliance with the law, because the objective of the law in ascertaining the signature of the petitioner and the satisfaction of the notary public that the signature belongs to petitioner and that petitioner was the one who signed the petition have been complied with.
Today that kind of clocked Olympian hairsplitting seems absurdly proprietary.
Attempting to elevate such hairsplitting objections to the level of racism threatens legitimate efforts to identify and eliminate offensive language from popular usage.
According to OFAC's hairsplitting definition of "transactions," reviewing and editing--even spell-checking--are prohibited.
The problem with all the convoluted, trying to have it both ways, hairsplitting arguments against gay marriage is that it involves people.
Then gradually came an era of hairsplitting and liturgical minimalism, along with a neurotic fear of spilling drops of the sacred Blood.
There are some comical evocations of the hairsplitting logic of such disputes: "If glue were required, grips would claim jurisdiction; if wallpaper paste were involved, the painters would claim jurisdiction.