half believe

See: doubt
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Perhaps it may be that my mind is wrought To a fever* by the moonbeam that hangs o'er, But I will half believe that wild light fraught With more of sovereignty than ancient lore Hath ever told-or is it of a thought The unembodied essence, and no more That with a quickening spell doth o'er us pass As dew of the night-time, o'er the summer grass?
Upon my soul, I half believe he escaped in his terror, to get quit of me, not knowing it was me as had got ashore.
You gaze and stare and try to understand that it is real, that it is on the earth, that it is not the Garden of Eden--but your brain grows giddy, stupefied by the world of beauty around you, and you half believe you are the dupe of an exquisite dream.
And when you do you will find that it is written with such an easy air of truth that you will half believe in Sir John's marvels.
Half the people believe they never had any such knife, the other half believe they had it and have got it still.
If you really don't want to endanger my existence--which I half believe you do--go your ways as soon as possible, and let me go mine.
And now you are reported to have been plotting to escape with another prisoner of another race; a prisoner who, from her own admission, half believes you are returned from the valley of Dor.
Research by Co-op Insurance indicates almost half believe they are labelled as irresponsible road users when in fact most want to improve their driving skills.
Half believe they must stay in a position for at least a year before it's acceptable to move on.
LONDON, Shawwal 11, 1437, July 16, 2016, SPA -- The majority of Britons are opposed to a second referendum on membership of the European Union and almost half believe new Prime Minister Theresa May should carry on without calling a general election, according to a poll published on Saturday, Reuters reported.
But less than 20% of Brits are aware of this and more than half believe walking normally up to three times a week is enough.
The DPBAA says 68% of them rate TV high in effectiveness now, yet nearly half believe that may not be the case in three years, reports MediaPost .