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As long as we understand the job's only half-done we can come out on Wednesday and prove it even more
Having won the semi-final and reached the Millennium Stadium showpiece, the job is only half-done.
Hartford might oversee the completion of the half-done Sun Valley library, but a new contractor might deal directly with the city to finish the Chatsworth library.
They talk of "divorce" and "break-up" when the truth is that independence means finishing off the half-done job of devolution.
I have a history of being loyal, I don't leave jobs half-done.
Just like we didn't leave anything half-done in Kosovo where President Milosevic still rules and the nation is still riven with hatred.
The cynical mistrust of picturesque beauty in Warhol's half-done painting, Do It Yourself (Landscape), 1962, also included in the Hirshhorn exhibition, is total.
If so, beware of when your consultant's job demands or other competing factors might intrude, leaving your project half-done.
England coach Roy Hodgson and leftback Leighton Baines said after Friday's win over Montenegro that the job was only half-done and they need to complete it tonight, which possibly explains why 20,000 Poles are expected at Wembley.
MANCHESTER United defender Nemanja Vidic has warned his team-mates that their job is only half-done.
Mr Collie said: "The job on Reid has only been half-done.
The work would stop and we might have to go out to bid on projects that are half-done,'' she said.