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HALF. One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A moiety. This word is used in composition; as, half cent, half dime, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Konstantin Levin had warmed to his subject, and began mimicking the president and the half-witted Alioshka: it seemed to him that it was all to the point.
I can understand compulsory military service, which affects my children, my brothers, and myself, I am ready to deliberate on what concerns me; but deliberating on how to spend forty thousand roubles of district council money, or judging the half-witted Alioshka--I don't understand, and I can't do it."
He was so deaf that the more business-like assumed him to be dumb; while the more penetrating declared him to be half-witted. A gaunt, red-haired labourer, with a dogged jaw and chin, but quite blank blue eyes, he went by the name of Israel Gow, and was the one silent servant on that deserted estate.
Half-witted visions of a headless baby born to Glengyle, of a headless youth hiding himself in the castle, of a headless man pacing those ancient halls or that gorgeous garden, passed in panorama through their minds.
Now Panda was a man of gentle heart, who did not love war, and therefore it was thought that he was half-witted; and, because I loved Panda, when the question of his slaying came on, I and the chief Mapita spoke against it, and pleaded for him, saying that there was nothing to be feared at his hands who was a fool.
It is really amusing to see the half-witted wretch's desperate efforts to understand me.
The mischievous, half-witted creature--in sheer stupidity or in downright malice, I am not sure which--irritated him once more.
She got her backside handed to her by a half-witted racist dolt and the lesson she's taken from it is: "I must become more like the half-witted racist dolt." Shame on her forever.
Britain has had enough of experts, unless you can find an expert who can confirm your most half-witted prejudice.
It was more difficult than she ever thought it would be, but she played the part of a half-witted maid to Mrs.
Piers then pointed out that she was 'clearly intelligent', so why would she think that she would find a boyfriend out of the 'half-witted' men in there.
The outspoken contestant also rejected Morgan's description of contestants on the show as "completely half-witted" by referring to fellow Welsh competitor and A&E doctor Alex George.