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Sibel just wants to party with every guy she can, something her conservative Muslim family doesn't understand, so she halfheartedly slit her wrists in a hopeless stab at freedom.
For the better part of the past year, Republicans have made the case, albeit halfheartedly, for balancing the budget through spending cuts alone.
Meanwhile, Anya is romanced halfheartedly by student Petya (Andy Comeau).
The catch: In order to qualify for Comedy Central, they perform little skits on the links that are charitably described as halfheartedly conceived.
In the past, the City Attorney's Office halfheartedly pursued both civil and criminal action against parents, but will now look at both options more readily, Bowers said.
The play begins with Danilo working halfheartedly in his country's French embassy and spending a lot of time drinking and carousing.
One Night at McCool's'' bills itself as three movies in one, sort of a ``Rashomon'' for frat boys (and alums), but it's more like one bad movie halfheartedly - and only very occasionally - told from three stupid points of view.
It is amusing to listen and watch as the TV media halfheartedly attempt to appease their audience over the highly detailed coverage of the freeway incident of a man shooting and killing himself.
If passed in November, the initiative would finish the job the MTA halfheartedly began in January, when it voted to mothball ``for at least six months'' Metro Red Line subway projects to the Eastside and Mid-City while it tries to stabilize its perilous finances.
Fogel says he is looking for new tenants, but halfheartedly.
So they leave feed out for the bird, halfheartedly hoping it will go away, or be chased down by somebody looking for just the right pet.
But the film, adapted by Louis Nowra from his play, which was a hit in Australia, only halfheartedly develops the notion that passionately committed lovers are as susceptible to infidelity today as they ever were.