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If we know that the enemy is open to attack, but are unaware that our own men are not in a condition to attack, we have gone only halfway towards victory.
If we know that the enemy is open to attack, and also know that our men are in a condition to attack, but are unaware that the nature of the ground makes fighting impracticable, we have still gone only halfway towards victory.
And with this speech the friar waded into the brook, sword in hand, where he was met halfway by the impetuous outlaw.
In another moment it was on the bank, and in a stride wad- ing halfway across.
They said that half of it--from the front door halfway down to the altar --was a Jewish synagogue before the Saviour was born, and that no alteration had been made in it since that time.
You can never persuade yourself that these are actually streets, and the frowning, dingy, monstrous houses dwellings, till you see one of these beautiful, prettily dressed women emerge from them--see her emerge from a dark, dreary-looking den that looks dungeon all over, from the ground away halfway up to heaven.
He could not see her without turning his head more than halfway around.
She was halfway over in her turn, her face away from the lion, when he suddenly turned his great head and fastened his eyes upon her.
He was clothed in tight-fitting nether garments and a loose, sleeveless tunic that fell just below his hips, while his feet were shod in soft-soled sandals, the wrappings of which extended halfway to his knees, closely resembling a modern spiral military legging.
It was only chance, of course, that a great lion hunting at the edge of the forest saw the figure of the man halfway between the forest and the wall.
And when Paul appeared, flushed with the triumph of getting through an examination, and ready to flirt with any pretty girl, Helen met him halfway, or more than halfway, and turned towards him on the Sunday evening.
The extended Halfway Road would then be a major north-south corridor for traffic from Pepsi, as well as Crisp Container, and it would also improve access to and from Marion High School.