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In Latin, allucinari means "to perceive objects with no reality," yet in a broader sense, hallucinatory encounters may not be limited only to seeing things that are not, but may also include not seeing things that are, thus adding loss of world to loss of self.
They based their opinions on Chopin's own description of his hallucinatory episodes and accounts of his life by friends and pupils.
This substance can cause the hallucinatory visions that can lead to nightmares and cause psychotic reactions.
This novel chronicles that civil war through the troubled and sometimes quasi- hallucinatory mind of a young man who has experienced kidnappings, hostage exchange, and hospital internment.
A wildly comic and hallucinatory ride from gay playwright and comic book writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who's now writing the Fantastic Four series for Marvel).
It's a travelogue crossed with a hallucinatory nightmare, presented with the raw power of a documentary, Weintraub says.
A report from the agency charged with overseeing the company suggests that its accounting records had a certain hallucinatory quality as well.
The short essays more from his lecture platform to his family memories, from his conversation with his patients to his conversations with hallucinatory chimera of various types.
The Poe connection is detectable in the work's hallucinatory and melancholic tone, tainted by a more contemporary note of repulsive infantile sexuality.
Alexie's profane and hallucinatory language conveys their struggle.
Moans of pain, chilling cries, and hallucinatory salutations come out of the "worst ward," where the patients are kept in a circle of beds so the attendant can make repetitive rounds in minutes, ring-master tending his acts under death's big top.