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HALF. One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A moiety. This word is used in composition; as, half cent, half dime, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Some IRRI CMS lines, IR58025A and IR62829A, were additionally utilized by national projects to create nearby half and halves in India (e.g.
At Euro 2016 referees added an average of one minute to first halves and four minutes to second halves.
All six Scottish Premiership games to have at least one goal in each half could earn you PS59.50 or if you'd rather bet on the home teams today, Celtic, Hamilton, Inverness and Killie, all scoring in both halves you could walk away PS158 better off.
For example, at the lowest level students learn to halve small discrete quantities, symmetrical objects and small amounts and to name the two equal parts.
Complete hot halves can be supplied assembled with prehardened stainless-steel plates and interface mounting holes for the cavity plate.
Q, he knew, attempted a coup bur fell in with an ill-tempered group bent and umlaut-adorned, their smaller halves shorn in spite.
An ounce of most nuts--around 20 almonds, 15 cashews, or 10 walnut halves, for example--delivers 170 to 180 calories (see "Go Nuts").
IN a classic example of a game of two halves, Bonymaen staged a great rally to rock the over-confident Drovers at Church Bank.
To serve, arrange two mushroom quenelles, two mushroom strudel halves, and a trout fillet in the center of a plate.