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You'll know if you've pulled a hamstring by sudden severe pain behind the upper leg or buttock, muscle spasms, bruising and tenderness, and possibly swelling, Karp explains.
Fraizer Campbell (hamstring) and Stephen Kingsley (hip) are both set to miss out.
"Paul has missed a total of 19 games -- including the playoffs -- with hamstring injuries in his career, according to ESPN Stats & Information.
While I'm sure you've been told to avoid stretching until your hamstring has healed, it's nearly impossible to dance without moving through a wide range of motion.
While studies thus far have proposed various return-to-play criteria following hamstring strains, the validity and reliability of these criteria have not been established.
Any decrease in the flexibility of hamstrings or tightness can cause hamstring injuries which are the most common type of injury among athletes and have a slow recovery rate, make health expenditures high and also decrease the performance level of the athlete.
Reading v West Brom Reading could have striker Matej Vydra fit after a hamstring injury - he was expected to be back in full training at the end of this week.
"It is always hamstring, hamstring, hamstring - that is the intensity of the game and fixtures," Klopp said.
The Reds played seven matches in 22 days - and the hamstring injuries quickly began to mount.
Your hamstring problems are getting worse with symptoms extending beyond the original injury.