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1 It is important to have the normal flexibility of hamstring muscles to move smoothly because the tightness of hamstrings can lead to various problems like Patellofemoral pain syndrome,2 and abnormal pelvic tilting especially in sitting.
Effects of three protocols of hamstring muscle stretching and paravertebral lumbar.
The effect of static stretch and dynamic range of motion training on the flexibility of the hamstring muscles.
Bilateral isokinetic peak torque of quadriceps and hamstring muscles in professional soccer players with dominance on one or both two sides.
1998) suggested a stretching session which consisted of 50 repetitions of 10 seconds in an interval of 15 minutes in the hamstring muscles.
8) Hence the aim of present study is to find out the efficacy of sub-occipital muscle inhibition technique in improving flexibility of tight hamstring muscles.
Participants were included in the study if they were male, between the ages of 18-40 years of age and had tight hamstring muscles defined as having greater than 20[degrees] loss of passive knee extension ROM using the passive knee extension test (Nelson and Bandy 2004).
The total work performed by the quadriceps and hamstring muscles at the angular velocity of 1 80[degrees]/s in the patient and control groups is presented in Table 3.
In June, Walsh, 25, was ruled out for a minimum of 12 months after tearing all three hamstring muscles in a horror injury whilst playing for Sydney Swans against Fremantle.