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5 that Reyes will have offseason surgery to clean up scar tissue around the hamstring tendon.
The band is wide enough to disperse tension over the hamstring tendon and allow for more comfortable wear.
He said: "Darren's problem seems to be a degenerative condition of the left hamstring tendon, giving rise to pain when under load.
To create a new elbow ligament, we had to make a small incision just below his knee and harvest a single hamstring tendon from the back of his thigh Mr Wilson adds: "After harvesting the tendon, we opened the inner part of David's elbow and identified the site of the ruptured ligament.
Rosicky - who did not feature for the Gunners during the entire 2008-09 season because of a hamstring tendon injury - added: "The idea of winning the (Premier) League and the Champions League really drives me forward, I love it.
Lowe, who performs 400 ACL reconstructions each year, typically recommends one of three surgical procedures - the patellar tendon autograft, the hamstring tendon autograft or the cadaver tendon allograft.
Prospective comparison of auto and allograft hamstring tendon constructs for ACL reconstruction.
So he has nothing but admiration for the way Hogg has battled back through hour after hour of rehabilitation to overcome a ruptured lateral ligament, lateral hamstring tendon and cruciate ligament and make his name on the Premier League stage.
INJURY BLOW: Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott has been ruled out for "four to five weeks" with a hamstring tendon problem, according to Eastlands boss Roberto Mancini