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see" as one thing, and the plum tree painted on the hand mirror as
She turned a small hand mirror from herself to the boy.
Women in the early 1900s were advised to carry a small hand mirror in the car's tool drawer so they could hold it aloft to see any traffic behind, and warn the driver.
A 50-year-old Kanagawa prefectural policeman was arrested Monday for allegedly peeking up a woman's skirt in Tokyo's JR Shinjuku Station by using a hand mirror, police said.
Participants, seated in a circle, would pass around a small hand mirror.
In van Hove's conception, executed with marvelous precision by designer Jan Versweyveld, Alice is surrounded by the detritus of her domestic life and various symbolic tchotchkes: a hand mirror, a syringe, books, many teacups and teapots.
4) Examine back of neck and scalp with the help of a hand mirror, part hair (or use blow drier) to lift it and give you a close look (Sunscreen Protection, p.
As he lovingly inspected the results in a hand mirror, he smiled and assured me, "Next to me, Errol Flynn looks like a piece of shit.
Then, looking in a hand mirror she aimed and fired.
To perform your self-examination you will need a full length mirror, a hand mirror and brightly lit room.
Woman with a Mirror can be read as assimilating the relation between the painting and its spectator to the relation between the image in the hand mirror and the eyes of the woman holding the mirror.