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Furthermore, LIC techniques make no attempt to reproduce the physical properties of pencil drawings [6], such as variable length, thickness, angle of strokes, and hand pressure.
One way to determine if your hand pressure is straight in line with the target is to watch the bow's initial reaction when the arrow is released.
The tar is hard, particularly when it is cool or dampened, and at that point cannot be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to powder by hand pressure.
Hand pressure should be flat against the front surface of the blade and is enough to prop the engine.
It includes a pen and glides gently across the page using only upper arm strength and gentle hand pressure.
Cranial Sacral Therapy - Gentle hand pressure on the skull and sacrum.
Wilbur alternates between reheating and using the poultices and hand pressure as he works on my legs, back, shoulders and arms.
Vinyl floor tile and roofing materials are considered non-friable, meaning that they cannot be readily crumbled by hand pressure and the asbestos fibers are therefore less likely to become airborne, as compared to the friable forms of asbestos materials such as pipe insulation and spray on insulation.
Basically, we were extremely tip-off oriented, including such subtleties as offensive line hand pressure or running back eyes in the huddle, as well as formation tendencies and the like.
uk: The Scotson technique-a pioneering treatment:The Scotson technique is a series of hand pressure exercises which parents use on their child.
Certainly, because the clutch was on the top of the gearstick, electronically activated by hand pressure when changing gear.
No firearm demands more consistency than a handgun--consistent hand position, consistent hand pressure, consistent critical sight picture--it's amazing we shoot them as well as we do.