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HAND. That part of the human body at the end of the arm.
     2. Formerly the hand was considered as the symbol of good faith, and some contracts derive their names from the fact that the hand was used in making them; as handsale, (q.v.) mandatum, (q.v.) which comes from a mandata. The hand is still used for various legal or forensic purposes. When a person is accused of a crime and he is arraigned, and he is asked to hold up his right hand; and when one is sworn as a witness, he is required to lay his right hand on the Bible, or to hold it up.
     3. Hand is also the name of a measure of length used in ascertaining the height of horses. It is four inches long. See Measure: Ell.
     4. In a figurative sense, by hand is understood a particular form of writing; as if B writes a good hand. Various kinds of hand have been used, as, the secretary hand, the Roman hand, the court hand, &c. Wills and contracts may be written in any of these, or any other which is intelligible.

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In the most recent move, the government has re- moved five groups from the list of cash hand-out beneficiaries.
In the weeks following the Iranian New Year, the Iranian government initiated a campaign to per- suade the wealthier classes of society to refrain from registering for direct cash hand-outs which were provided under the first phase of the sub- sidies removal scheme implemented
The new funds are expected to help over 310,000 people in the Senegalese regions of Casamance, Tambacounda, Kedougou and Matam, through targeted food hand-outs, vouchers and a food for work programme in which 34,500 people will receive food aid in exchange for work in building or renovating the agricultural infrastructure used to produce and store food.
126 members of 26 precinct election commission completed training today and then headed to Osh city election commission close to Osh mayor's office in order to obtain hand-outs necessary for preparation of the referendum.
LIVERPOOL students shared more than pounds 3m in emergency "lifeline" hand-outs in just over two years, a Daily Post investigation can reveal.
Summary: Eighteen Pakistani women and children have been killed in a stampede as they collected hand-outs of flour and other supplies.
Those who are in ill-health have all our sympathies, but there are a lot of people who have no intention of working because they can afford computers, DVDs etc on their current hand-outs.
This makes my blood boil and the cheek of it all is they are coming back to the UK to try to get more hand-outs.
CHILDREN are missing out because their parents have not banked Government hand-outs to newborn babies.
Churches need to be concerned with reforming and helping create government social policies, not simply providing hand-outs that are unable to feed many.
The Government spent pounds 6 million in the first four months this year on hand-outs to asylum seekers who agreed to go home.
Reports on the figures released by the National Assembly Government last week, showing how much each farm received under the European subsidies system last year, concentrated on the Powys estate that pocketed pounds 264,000 of taxpayers' cash in hand-outs last year.