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As noted by Sergey Tsybouk, General Manager, Longest Chance: "During this pilot project, our Hand-to-Hand RFID Baggage Tracking showed exclusively high level of bag tag readability 99,99%.
There are two good reasons to buy this manga series: 1) it is part of a hugely successful franchise (any series that produces its own technical manual is popular), and thus enjoys brand name recognition; 2) series featuring giant robots in hand-to-hand combat are popular with young adolescent boys, and Gundam Seed Astray has plenty of that.
Unfortunately, Strawberry's disdain for the traditional method of fighting Hollows--sneaking up behind them and hitting them in the head--in favor of hand-to-hand combat means that he may soon experience the spirit world firsthand.
Featuring many of the characters and motorcycles from the comic book and movie, Ghost Rider will engage gamers in an immersive, supernatural third person world with a seamless blend of hand-to-hand combat and high-speed motorcycle action.
FLCL contains vulgar language, comic book violence, and depictions of robots in hand-to-hand combat.