hand-to-hand fight

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LIEUT-Col Croxler, of the Ulster Division, writing to Councillor W M Campbell, of Rock Ferry, says of his son, the late Second-Lieutenant W M Campbell, whose death we have announced: "He was killed in action while gallantly fighting at close quarters in a hand-to-hand fight.
The Dutch forces, in the hand-to-hand fight, couldn't bear the brunt of the gunnery of the soldiers.
Rick Grimes left the prison in a bad shape, he and the Governor had an ugly hand-to-hand fight.
There's also a hand-to-hand fight between Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme, who revels as the film's arch villain Jean Vilain, while Schwarzenegger and Willis zoom around in a Smart car and martial arts legend Chuck Norris turns up for inexplicable reasons.
The Greeks formed, jogged to attack the Persians, and eventually won the hand-to-hand fight.
The judge said that during the hand-to-hand fight the youngster had taken out the flick knife, extended the blade and stabbed the complainant in the back.
Lundgren enjoys one of his meatiest roles in years and there is a bruising hand-to-hand fight sequence for Li.
And Greengrass's method of constantly moving the camera makes the hand-to-hand fight scenes feel brutally real.
He's not served well by director Scott Wiper's approach to "Condemned's" many hand-to-hand fight scenes, either.
What happened between Iraqi MP Mesh'an Al-Jabouri and Chief of Iraqi Media and International Relations Sadeq Al-Mousawi, guests of al-Jazeera satellite channel's talk show "al-Ittijah al-Mu'akis" (The Opposite Direction) who breached the rules of politeness and exchanged insults in a way that almost have led to a hand-to-hand fight, is a clear example.
In a hand-to-hand fight with the enemy, the enemy is going to lose hands-down," he said.
Then when she does get suited and booted once more, even she is sucked into the film's nastier elements as her hand-to-hand fight with Mother Russia becomes almost sadistic.