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Maintaining a comprehensive and current handbook at a nonprofit is crucial when investigations and employee claims arise.
The session will note that larger employers typically include more comprehensive policies and have a more structured approach in employee handbook development.
If your handbook was professionally drafted, ask your advisers to include a training session for managers at no extra cost.
The Student Handbook chapters and subheadings are parallel with the TARE text, so looking something up is a snap.
Employers should have a clear disclaimer, written in larger and or boldface font, at the beginning of the handbook explaining that the handbook does not alter the "at-will" employment relationship (the presumption in most states) and does not create a contract of employment.
In addition, the handbook includes rule of law narratives provided by recently deployed practitioners.
Our Cisco Solutions Handbook was designed to save our customers time and energy in identifying and delivering the most effective networking solutions available," said Duncan Potter, Chief Marketing Officer for Westcon Group.
The imposition of contractual duties arising from handbook terms is not without structure.
The SAGE Handbook of Quantitative Methodology for the Social Sciences, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2005.
Burden has announced the release of a new Zoning Handbook.
The Complete Copyright Liability Handbook For Librarians And Educators

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