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This phenomenon is due to the fractioning of the knowledge of the techniques used in handcraft production between masters and apprentices, mainly because of sociopolitical and socio-economical problems, which affects the traditional technology of the handcraft trades.
35% of the Colombian artisans confirm that there is a shortage of resources for handcraft production (see chart 3).
In the case of handcraft production, capital is determined by the technological memory of the craft trade, that is to say, by the way in which an artisan community uses the natural resources for the elaboration of products.
In the case of handcraft production, capital consists of the technological memory of the craft; this is to say, the way in which an artisan community transforms the natural resources into products.
It refers to a technological pattern that transforms the values of use of the natural resources into the social values of the handcraft production.
The methodological framework consists of four stages: the first stage is the documentary analysis, in which we systematized the documentation for the construction of the theoretical and conceptual framework, the state of the art of the handcraft production, the environmental problems, and some socio-economic aspects of the region.
They contributed with ideas that helped to dimension the social value of the handcraft trades, their socio-economic reality, and the initiatives of sustainable natural resources management.
A statement from the governor's house said, the exhibition offered the people the opportunity to see and purchase the handcrafts prepared by Kandahari women.
Director of Women's Affairs Ruqia Achakzai said at the inaugural ceremony: "Several handmade items are on display and we hope to find domestic and international markets for women's handcrafts.
She called upon women to sell their handcrafts in the domestic market.