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When asked if he was surprised Mr McCourt was still handcuffed he said: "Yes, I instructed the handcuffs to be taken off.
handcuffed Robert Drawbough and even attacked him by biting him.
He handcuffed her hands and feet before raping her on the sofa, she said.
As the occupant opened the door, he observed the police officers' weapons pointed at him, and then "armed officers entered the room, loudly ordered [the occupants] to get on the floor, and handcuffed them.
On the big day, Sale is handcuffed to a briefcase that contains the ballots, and counterfeit ballots are produced in case the briefcase falls into the wrong hands.
They had him handcuffed and taken up to the security office,'' Levin said.
Cardiff Crown Court heard Griffiths and friend Huw Parry were handcuffed and searched.
Gotter said he hadn't heard that the boy was handcuffed or placed in the car.
Jones, of Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, had been handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle while the officers went to speak to his father-in-law but when they returned they found he had gone.
FIRE crews came to the rescue last night after someone handcuffed a dog's leg.
After guards beat, hooded, and stripped him, Lazim said, "Graner handcuffed him to the corner of his bed," where he remained for days.
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