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All of this context notwithstanding, the NOW members continued to demand that the men--but not the women--involved in Dreyer's handcuffing "be forced to go through sensitivity training and their graduation should be deterred until they understand what they have done.
On the same day the teenager targeted a second group of children in the same park, handcuffing one by his wrist to a fence.
It comes two days after prisons minister Ann Widdecombe refused to reverse the policy of handcuffing pregnant prisoners in hospital.
California State Prison-Los Angeles County inmate Sergio Marquez, 32, a diabetic, said improper handcuffing while he was recovering from back surgery cut off circulation to his left arm, which later had to be amputated at the elbow, the lawsuit said.
Tory AM William Graham branded the handcuffing as both "degrading and appalling".
Safety-related training should include such issues as searching procedures, handcuffing techniques, traffic stop guidelines, and use of deadly force policies.