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HAND. That part of the human body at the end of the arm.
     2. Formerly the hand was considered as the symbol of good faith, and some contracts derive their names from the fact that the hand was used in making them; as handsale, (q.v.) mandatum, (q.v.) which comes from a mandata. The hand is still used for various legal or forensic purposes. When a person is accused of a crime and he is arraigned, and he is asked to hold up his right hand; and when one is sworn as a witness, he is required to lay his right hand on the Bible, or to hold it up.
     3. Hand is also the name of a measure of length used in ascertaining the height of horses. It is four inches long. See Measure: Ell.
     4. In a figurative sense, by hand is understood a particular form of writing; as if B writes a good hand. Various kinds of hand have been used, as, the secretary hand, the Roman hand, the court hand, &c. Wills and contracts may be written in any of these, or any other which is intelligible.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'However, handcuff usage is not permitted within the confines of any courtroom,' she said in a statement.
'These are educated boys, why have they been handcuffed?', he asked, adding that the case revolves around a 'white-collar crime'.
Iranian female swimmer Elham Asqari swum her way into the Guinness Book of World Records for the second time after she broke her own swimming record over four thousand meters handcuffed.
Reacting to Lawai's production in handcuffs he said that how an economy can survive if an 80 years old banker will be brought to court in handcuffs.
"However, as one of the officers removed the handcuffs to assist her in climbing back over, she fell from the viaduct."
Provisions regarding the use of handcuffs have been mentioned in The Police Rules 1934, and Pakistan Prison Rules 1978.
It said NAB Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal has issued strict directives that the accused must not be handcuffed during the NAB custody.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan], Dec 22 (ANI): Pakistan has been facing strong criticism from members of civil society and human rights after handcuffed pictures of a dead professor went viral on social media.
It is common knowledge that the former VC was produced in court handcuffed. The NCHR said all this was unacceptable.
The lawyers refused to assist the court proceedings unless handcuffs of the arrested teachers were removed.
To which, a NAB prosecutor submitted that Mujahid Kamran and others were produced in handcuffs due to security reasons.