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Funny thing: Most do not have or use a handicapped parking placard or park in handicapped parking spaces.
"Egypt has signed an international United Nations accord for supporting and protecting the handicapped. Egypt should make the necessary legislative amendments to reflect this.
The participants also underlined the need for involving handicapped people and their associations in all the implementations and follow-up phases of this convention, and decided to work as hard as possible to make sure the laws governing the NGOs' activities are applied pursuant to the convention and the other regulations relating to the freedom of expression.
They were fast and didn't look handicapped. You look closely at the car.
The IRS ruled that the children were attending the school principally to receive medical care in the form of special education in those years they were diagnosed as having a medical condition that handicapped their ability to learn.
"Mobility issues have a tendency to occur more and more as people hit age 50 and older," said Walt Kolt, president of Access Solutions, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based supplier of mobility aids for the handicapped. "And with the baby boomers approaching old age, people are running into more physical difficulties.
16 Cafe on the Bay 383-0440 Heart Healthy Waterfront Dining Handicapped Accessible
Additional research on the illegal use of reserved handicapped parking spaces is needed to provide up-to-date information about this problem.
the dwarf, the arthritic--these terms as we apply them to handicapped
The ongoing recession is taking a toll on Japan's handicapped workers.
In June of 2001, the Ohio General Assembly divided the "other health handicapped" category into 2 categories: "other health handicapped-minor" and "other health handicapped-major." Students identified in the major category are considered medically fragile and receive more funding than those identified as minor.
Rome--An illegal trade in children is skirting Russian law by having healthy youngsters declared handicapped, clearing the way for them to be sold to Westerners who pay up to $50,000 a child, an Italian priest says.