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Like all sea-going ship carpenters, and more especially those belonging to whaling vessels, he was, to a certain off-handed, practical extent, alike experienced in numerous trades and callings collateral to his own; the carpenter's pursuit being the ancient and outbranching trunk of all those numerous handicrafts which more or less have to do with wood as an auxiliary material.
In the honour given to rulers, in the abstinence of the warrior class from agriculture, handicrafts, and trade in general, in the institution of common meals, and in the attention paid to gymnastics and military training--in all these respects this State will resemble the former.
The nurseries for children of ordinary gentlemen, merchants, traders, and handicrafts, are managed proportionably after the same manner; only those designed for trades are put out apprentices at eleven years old, whereas those of persons of quality continue in their exercises till fifteen, which answers to twenty-one with us: but the confinement is gradually lessened for the last three years.
Handicrafts were taught in the days of slavery on most well-managed plantations.
Gradually, too, the priests lost their hold even on the plays themselves; skilful actors from among the laymen began to take many of the parts; and at last in some towns the trade-guilds, or unions of the various handicrafts, which had secured control of the town governments, assumed entire charge.
"Our trade, handicrafts, and agriculture so far only supplied the needs of the district," the doctor went on.
"There is little call for handicrafts in this region," returned the other, examining the athletic and active form of the youth, as he leaned carelessly and not ungracefully, on his rifle; "the art of taking the creatur's of God, in traps and nets, is one that needs more cunning than manhood; and yet am I brought to practise it, in my age!
They were generally poverty-stricken; always plebeian and obscure; working with unsuccessful diligence at handicrafts; laboring on the wharves, or following the sea, as sailors before the mast; living here and there about the town, in hired tenements, and coming finally to the almshouse as the natural home of their old age.
I then drew a map for each governorate and pinned the locations for the many crafts there so that tourists and visitors can easily find the location of each handicraft.
Ahmed Hasnain, Senior Vice President PCJCCI said that currently, the handicraft manufacturing industry in China is facing hurdles due to expensive labour, whereas demand of the traditional hand-made products is on the rise.
Special Projects under Integrated Development and Promotion of Handicraft (IDPH)
Rana Saleem, a handicraft expert engaged in the business for decades, says that with every passing day he is finding it difficult to make both ends meet as only the owners of display centres are earning handsome amount and the craftsmen are receiving meagre payment against their skills.