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The handicraftsman compares his profession to a doctor's job -his occupation requires a lot of profound meticulousness, responsibility and scrupulousness.
In various regions of early modern Europe this kind of rural handicraftsman, who had to rely on both craft production and farming for subsistence, was a source of cheap labor for merchants seeking manufactured goods to sell in distant markets, thus helping to fuel the growth of market-oriented rural industries - proto-industries - that reached their greatest extent in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Why are poets apt to choose their mates, not for any similarity of poetic endowment, but for qualities which might make the happiness of the rudest handicraftsman, as well as that of the ideal craftsman of the spirit?
In all his various forms and ages, from the keen-eyed apprentice to the experienced artisan, he is here - in force - this handicraftsman -- this maker of things.