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Alas, the world has far too many examples of the type of deadly anarchy that ensues when armed thugs seize control of the streets and asphyxiate the institutions of the state; at least in geographic terms, Somalia is the handiest case in point.
The handiest feature of the website, though, may be the PS search engine.
Finally, the handiest hint is just don't break parking legislation and that way you will be guaranteed of not getting a ticket.
A retractable lanyard lets you clip it wherever it's handiest.
The handiest way to do this is to replace your big remote with a small keychain version ($30 to $40 at home centers or where you bought your garage door opener).
First step in such a project is situating the hatch in the handiest place for your purpose.
And I really dig the settings shortcut button next to the screen: It is probably the handiest button on the laptop, besides the power toggle.
Not so long ago a farmer's handiest tool was the pair of pliers in the leather holster attached to his belt.
To quote him, "Natural gas, the cleanest, slickest, handiest fuel that ever warmed a heart or tenement, is the right bower of crude petroleum.
I stayed at the Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel in Leicester Square, probably the handiest location there is if you're visiting London to take in the shows.
5x7", this software engineer at Novell says that it's one of the handiest.