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Sarah Palin gave an early endorsement of Paul in the Republican race, where he handily triumphed earlier this year.
He assiduously rebuilt himself from the ground up, developing new relationships with Democrats he formerly excoriated as ``girlie men,'' the same professional politicians who last November handily defeated all four of Schwarzenegger's pet special-election ballot initiatives and two others he backed.
The FDNY team dominated the game, winning handily, 74-56.
He not only teaches boxing to a young friend, but also handily punches his way out of several close calls.
Satellite observations of the Ross Sea during that time solved the puzzle handily.
SCOTS pair Catriona Matthew and Janice Moodie are handily placed after the first round of the Evian Masters in France.
In the end, history will record that the corruption of post-communist Russia handily outperformed the corruption of the late - and strangely lamented - USSR.
But can we at least hope that what we say can be made more concise, be crafted more handily and handsomely, so it might fit more readily, be grasped by more people, held more tightly, and serve as the hand-hold we need to stand upright and human amid the winds of change?
Hayley Gott, 24, thought the Hotel St Denis was handily placed for the stadium of the same name.
Handily poised behind his pacemaker Dancing Kris, Olivier Doleuze unleashed Marathon with a run entering the final two furlongs.
All the threat, fear, and intimidation seem to handily coalesce into a well turned-out challenge which dances perilously close to the unbecoming bummer of bitterness.
This was the case in Cornerbrook, where 550 non-voters on the voters' list were added to the 579 votes for abolition, thus handily "defeating" the 807 citizens who elected to keep their denominational school.