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YOU can't beat the beautiful secluded cove of shingle right by the campsite for handiness and the fantasic view along the rugged coastline.
PURELL[R] Sanitizing Wipes from GOJO combine the germ-killing and sanitizing benefits of PURELL[R] Instant Hand Sanitizer with the handiness of a wet wipe.
Does your handiness around the house extend to domestic chores too in your houses in Greenwich and Cornwall?
Given Erasmus's rich wordplay on handiness, skill, dagger, and
29 Number of out of stocks/not solds 1 0 Number of full baskets this week: 3 Price & availability Midlands SE SELECTION OF LINES Spar Spar Assarts Farm High Street Nothing Handiness Semi-skimmed milk, 1 litre 0.
But the SPLA says the heavy handiness in Darfur has some worrying links on the intractable position of Khartoum on the peace talks and that the peace process is being deliberately slowed down.
In a future episode, Tom and Susan try to fool the family as to their handiness around the house to impress them, with decidedly mild repercussions.
The romance of understanding might also be called the handiness of thought.
Through fiction, Blanchard outlines the handiness of apologizing for mistakes made at the heart of the company.
Being essentially short range weapons, pistols have few advantages over other small arm types special operations but handiness and portability are two of them, Operatives carrying heavy or bulky equipment not such as radios usually have no alternative to carrying a pistol for personal protection but often find when a weapon is needed in earnest that pistols are just as likely to be as lethal.
Often bite-sized and packaged in single-serving formats, the handiness of snack foods gives the category the power to attract an increasing number of buyers in today's fast-paced environment.