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The idea of launching her brand was made possible on the job, working determinedly with one big brand after another - but also having a brand of her own was born from her need to create unique products that, first, she would like to use and wear, as well as fully express her desire of quality and handiness. As she fondly recalls, "The people I worked with helped me learn a whole lot about the products, their construction and production.
The gold medal went to Dell's Venue and Inspiron 2-in-ls, which promise the performance of a laptop with the handiness of a tablet.
Schemes aiming to further the establishment of RE economically should examine the expenses of RE production (regarding the evaded social expense of production), supply handiness with regard to seasonality, and the technical requirements of the system.
A small dose of handiness and a larger dose of concern over making an extra effort to understand water usage and instigate changes.
They also expressed serious concerns about the lack of due process, no follow up from examiners on draft reports, and the heavy handiness of a few examiners during the examination process, according to Patrick Smith, vice president of communications and regulatory affairs for the Naperville-based Illinois league.
The Middle East introduction of a new industry first, the revolutionary ScanNCut machine, the globe's first-ever home and hobby cutting machine that comes with a built-in 300-DPI scanner-providing users the magic and handiness of being able to turn scanned images into exclusive cutting designs and ventures without the requirement or expense of a computer, software, or pricey cartridges has been unveiled by BROTHER INTERNATIONAL (GULF) FZE.
IN COMMON sense terms, this part of Birmingham ought to be one of the most desirable areas just for its sheer handiness alone.
The scene in which McCall dispenses with a half-dozen Russian heavies in less than 20 seconds, establishes the character's handiness with ordinary household objects (particularly corkscrews), but it also sets a skull-crushing, eye-gouging ante that the movie can never hope to top--though it certainly tries.
Plus, the seven inner strands of Paracord can also be separated and utilized for another variety of uses only adds to its handiness and the importance of always keeping it with you.
ISLAMABAD -- ,,, Indian women have come a long way from being homemakers to being the largest consumers of online food as they are dynamically using the handiness of internet services for satiating the food choices of their families, a survey says.
His female therapist looked on sexual orientation as something not analysable, just like left handiness. 'All we can understand is the reaction you have to it, accepting the nature of your desire or rejecting it, the latter attitude being a source of pathology,' she used to say.
A good simulation method of road feel can help to improve steering handiness at low speed and road feel at high speed and lead to a better handling stability and driving safety.