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Agustin Tello, Maguindanao police director, and Mayor Zamsamin Ampatuan of Rajah Buayan believed the bomb attack against the police could be the handiwork of drug syndicates whose drug den was dismantled in an operation on May 2.
It's always useful to have somebody you know ready to help out if you need them to, but good intentions don't always equal good handiwork or a quality repair.
The sources said the agencies are certain that the attack was the handiwork of Indian agencies who executed it through their paid agents to bring a bad name for Pakistan.
The show features the handiwork of 40 artists from all over the country.
And the person whose home handiwork went most horribly wrong will win pounds 200 to spend in B&Q to help put it right.
When we speak about the handiwork of the Macedonian woman and all that distinguishes out nation, we can gladly say that the artfulness to weave and wreathe a handiwork is not the main thing but also the emotions, prayers and all that the Macedonian woman is carrying deep in her soul and heart," said Metropolitan Petar.
The Queen Vic craft fair at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the Festive Flair craft fair at the Light House media centre will showcase the handiwork of some of the region's most talented artists and designers.
Could we be about to see more of his handiwork in the games ahead?
The Inter chief was far from chuffed and ripped the the fan's handiwork apart before storming off in a huff.
The party may also take legal action against some news channels and periodicals for portraying last year's ' cash for vote' scam in Parliament as the party's handiwork.
These people would pay dad in some of their handiwork and these items were still in our house when I went off to war.
The baker paid for everything with bread, the butcher with meat, the carpenter with his handiwork and so on.