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K9 handlers and dogs will be deployed in various PDEA regional offices and seaport interdiction units nationwide.
The new container handlers have a lifting capacity of nine metric tons each and can stack empty containers up to six feet high, which is essential for port operators to fully maximize space to load and unload containers.
Each handler has a lifting capacity of 9 metric tons and can stack empty containers up to 6 feet high.
The Cat 990K Aggregate Handler has a payload of 22 tons (20 tonnes) and a full-turn static tipping load of 96,426 lb.
Handlers explained to me that their job is highly time-sensitive, and funding restrictions have meant there's an onus on them to get to the scene as quickly as possible - no matter what end of the county their previous job was at.
In another similar incident last month, a passenger filmed the moment her luggage was damaged as baggage handlers hurled suitcases on to a trailer at Manchester Airport.
"Our hard-working call handlers answered all but one of the emergency calls but 21 non-emergencies went unanswered.
Majority of food handlers in this study knew the importance of general sanitary practices such as regular hand washing at the work place, wearing of gloves, cleaning of workplace and detergent use.
Dishonest baggage handlers are primarily responsible for such theft while the luggage is being loaded in the aircraft holds, an official said in a written reply.
He added: "It's true of course, for most police dog handlers it's their dream job.
Conclusion: There is a gap between knowledge and practice of the female domestic food handlers.