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It quoted Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith as condemning the 'absurd' handouts.
The handout goes on to say that it is not being sexist when it says ' housewife'.
The multi-national media specialist company were the kind sponsors of the handouts that day.
It got better; when the polling results came back, they showed that over 90 per cent of respondents felt that the $2 billion would be better spent on important services like health and education, and 77 per cent felt that the handout should be scrapped entirely.
Overall distribution rates were incomplete for handout surveys (74 percent), whereas mail surveys were distributed to the entire selected sample.
Leaving the options open for future pipelines in any direction, the handout mentions the "balance of interests in the Eurasian energy space on the basis of equal access and equal partnership.
The thousands of cheque recipients who lined to up receive the handout on Thursday have been bombarded with special offers and promotions from shops and malls hoping to persuade them to spend the money at their premises.
But deliberations on the extra budget's related bills covering such matters as allocation for the cash handout plan have not started in the upper house, making it unlikely for the handout to be implemented anytime soon.
THE credit crunch is hitting Italy hard and top-flight clubs had to give Serie B sides a pounds 51million handout last week to stop them going on strike.
I think that a better job beats a political handout.
At least 21 people were killed in a stampede in Indonesia yesterday as they crowded an alley to receive a cash handout for Ramadan, police said.
First the 10p tax handouts, then the fuel handout and now raising stamp duty and loans for homeowners in trouble to name but a few.