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Judith Doyle, principal at Gateshead College said: "The first year of handPICKED has exceeded our expectations.
In addition to retail experience, handPICKED provides students with the chance to develop wider skills that are important to business success.
Founder Melanie Mauldin said, Wherever fans discover Handpicked, be it products online or our whimsical stores, dedication to service is our top priority.
Through the partnership, Future will acquire a 35% stake in Handpicked Media, which represents over 500 independent websites and blogs, reaching over 3.
The handpicked hotel, restaurant and tour selection is specifically designed for the cultural traveller in mind and offers a unique introduction to the local cuisine, history and culture of every destination.
The strategic partnership will enable RollUp Media to support the collective by providing bespoke platforms, tools and services, such as SEO, and sell Handpicked Media's inventory to media agencies in the UK and Australia.
Handpicked leaves from historic trees are now immortalized on notecards and bookmarks and in art.
Foster, Fort Zion tells the story of a secret wagon train of handpicked volunteers dispatched by Joseph Smith, President of the Curch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).
The Washington Post noted that even President Bush's handpicked NIH director, Elias Zerhouni, may not be on board with administration's stern cell policy.
Lazar points out that 19 of the 32 dancers who have been members--all handpicked for their talent from the school-have indeed gone on to join major ballet companies including the Joffrey Ballet, Dayton Ballet, and Atlanta Ballet.
Bjork: ``Army of Me: Remixes and Covers'' (One Little Indian) Features 20 different versions of ``Army of Me,'' which were handpicked by Bjork for this benefit album whose entire proceeds go directly to UNICEF.