hands-off policy

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But with the election of President Trump, many observers wondered whether this hands-off policy would change.
The Damascus regime hates Turkish tanks on its soil, but it accepts Moscow's hands-off policy because it still depends on Russian and Iranian military support for its remarkable come-back in the Syrian civil war.
But the new law is a virtual hands-off policy when it comes to cellphone use now, making it illegal to hold or touch a cellphone for any reason, including listening to music or using apps for navigation.
It's taken a lot of work, and we have strict hands-off policy for a lot of our bucks, but it's certainly paying off.
Unfortunately, the Philippine economy is nowhere near that condition as to justify the government adopting a hands-off policy on the pricing of the basic necessities of daily living.
We will focus only on monitoring the currency market at this time, taking a hands-off policy," a finance ministry official said.
On the contrary, the lowest value include "Deterioration of values, Hands-off policy, Organization with no autonomous action, Unmanaged organization, and Lack of the sense of belonging" were inferred to be "belonging organization".
We, however, do not have our parents' calm acceptance of individual choices and a strictly hands-off policy with adult children.
Right now, they already have a hands-off policy in terms of luggage that is being screened.
Henrie says he, and other members of the national haunted house organization America Haunts, believes the hands-off policy keeps the focus on the sets, props, acting and timing.
The FDA's lenient policy of allowing manufacturers of homeopathic medicines to place claims on their products that other drug manufacturers cannot is problematic in the eyes of FTC commissioners, who argue such a hands-off policy contrasts with the FTC's mandate to have claims backed up by science.
has adopted a hands-off policy toward a regime described by our own secretary of state as an Iranian puppet.