hands-off policy

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Henrie says he, and other members of the national haunted house organization America Haunts, believes the hands-off policy keeps the focus on the sets, props, acting and timing.
Turkey is maintaining a hands-off policy during the current Cyprus negotiations, according to the Turkish Cypriot 'foreign minister' Emine Colak.
PKK Kurdish separatists ended their truce with Turkey, apparently because they interpreted Turkey's previous hands-off policy on Daesh as active support for the terrorist group, whom the Turks have been fighting in Iraq and Syria.
has adopted a hands-off policy toward a regime described by our own secretary of state as an Iranian puppet.
The last decade has seen the outright decimation and coercion of the tribal leadership at the hands of militants, and a hands-off policy from Islamabad.
The visiting speaker from United States of America Shabana Mir said that people in US were more religious to countries like UK but a hands-off policy of religion from state affairs have made US what it stood today.
Pestilence" from the beginning provided counter-pressure to such a hands-off policy, particularly as intrusive regulation and controls on pilgrims were increasingly demanded by European and international bodies who identified the Indian Gangetic valley as the source of cholera and disease and Muslim Indian pilgrims to Mecca as the critical vector of its spread.
The West and the United States, having chosen a hands-off policy, can only stand aside, issue platitudes from time to time, and watch as the conflict evolves.
Moreover, China's hands-off policy could end up jeopardizing its investments in Afghanistan -- not to mention the security threat that would arise were a re-empowered Taliban to provide aid or sanctuary to the increasingly Islamist Uighur separatists in China's Xinjiang region.
The Ottomans, however, adopted a largely hands-off policy towards their many non-Muslim minorities.
Unless these and other religious figures from all sects have a hands-off policy from the political arena, the possibility of peace and stability remains remote.
According to speeches from some of Israel's highest officials, President Barack Obama has informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that America would engage in a hands-off policy, which, in English, means that in the event of an attack, we would not resupply their military.